2016 was another amazing year for Sizzle Web Design as we grew our customer base and developed several revolutionary solutions for local business. The big news was that Sizzle Web Design was acquired by Booking Online Ltd, a global player in the development of very high end technical solutions that required a team that had a knack for developing creative solutions for small businesses, enter Sizzle!

The start of 2017 has seen some amazing developments, the biggest of which is Booking Online’s recent acquisition of Zen Internets web solutions department. Contracts have now been exchanged and ‘Sizzle’ are now officially the new providers for Zen Web Solutions customer base, which is great news for both companies!

Both agencies have a long history together as Sizzle’s founder Aftab Ali, was also a founding team member of Zen web solutions over a decade ago. With a common interest and common experience, this was a perfect match from day one and we hope to offer our new customers the same level of amazing service they have come to expect from zen with the addition of some extra ‘Sizzle’ – see what we did there...

We’re looking forward to a great year working with our new customers and expect to deliver some great solutions in 2017.