Its almost 12 months to the day that Sizzle Web Design, a division of Booking Online Ltd, acquired Zen Internets Web Solutions department, bringing into the fold over 150 corporate businesses, and some very cool technology and systems that helped lift our already established services to another level.

Zen Web Solutions had been an industry leading web design and development agency with numerous accolades for their technical achievements and customer service, but in the grand scheme of things, for Zen Internet Ltd, it was a distraction from their core service of being one of the UK’s most decorated Internet Service Providers, enter Sizzle Web Design.

Established in 2006, Sizzle developed a reputation for being a creative, fast turnaround and highly reliable web design agency, started by industry recognised designers and developers who were also successful entrepreneurs in their own rights. Delivering industry leading customer support and value for money within a sector that is usually considered very awkward to deal with, with designers imposing creativity over usability, and developers wanting to break new ground on the latest tech. Sizzle did things differently, we became your business partners in building search engine friendly online businesses, not just making pretty looking websites.

Overall the client transition from Zen to Sizzle has been straightforward, bar a very small number of issues that we’re mostly down to the timing of the acquisition, as we threw our hat in the ring very late, but it quickly become apparent that we were the clear front runners.

With our established customer base of over 2000 small to medium sized enterprises, the acquisition proved to be beneficial to both businesses as Zen were looking for a company with an exemplary track record in customer service and reliability which Sizzle were able to demonstrate.

12 months on from putting pen to paper, we would like to thank you all for your support and patronage. We hope you have a very busy year and if there is anything that the Sizzle team can do for your business, then please feel free to contact us on 0161 813 2810.

Aside from building superb websites and online systems, we also have an in-house design, print, marketing, printed clothing and merchandise services which are all offered at cost price EXCLUSIVELY to our clients only.

Whether you need business cards, stationary, NCR pads, pull up banners, leaflets, embroidered or printed clothing and much more – we have it all available as a value-add service offered at absolute cost price. Just drop us a call with your requirements and we will be more than happy to help you source your requirements.